Core Statements

  • Mission Statement

    It is the mission of Birchwood Healthcare Partners to invest in healthcare assets that provide us with the opportunity to create a lasting positive impact on our partners, employees, residents, vendors, investors, lenders, and community members. We strive to attract the absolute best team members and operational partners whose goal it is to improve clinical, operational, physical, and financial outcomes.

  • Vision Statement

    It is the vision of Birchwood Healthcare Partners to dramatically impact the future trajectory of all our stakeholders through successful investments, financial opportunities and professional development. This vision will materialize through the development of best in class culture, investment performance and nationwide impact on the industry

Core Values

  • Character

    Includes the values of Integrity, Respect, Collaboration and Teamwork. Our reputation means everything to us. We have built our careers on doing the right thing for our relationships, which is the fundamental core value of Birchwood Healthcare Partners. We do what we say we will do. We know Birchwood Healthcare Partners will not be successful without trust and confidence from every single stakeholder in our business. We take ownership of each decision that’s made. If there is a misstep along the way, you will be the first to know. We don’t have all of the answers, though through our core values, we maintain excellent relationships with people we consistently collaborate with who are experts in their disciplines.

  • Transparency

    Integrity can only be achieved if built on the foundation of transparency. Without this core value, our constituents are left to their own speculations. We are committed to open and consistent communication regardless of whether we have good or bad news to share.

  • Grit

    Includes the values of Resourcefulness and Execution. We will continue to work on a project until we are satisfied with its outcome and always strive to under-promise and over-deliver on timelines, quality and results. We will face a problem head on, using our knowledge, experience, network and other resources to find the absolute best solution even if an easier path presents itself.


We value our relationships with operators, sellers, intermediaries, professionals and other investors more than any one transaction.  With our values placed on integrity above all others, we make the pledge that any information shared with us will remain within the four walls of our office.  Whether we transact on a specific opportunity or not, we will never jeopardize our relationship with the people we work with to pursue an acquisition opportunity.

To Sellers

We value the culture you have nurtured among you, your residents and your staff at your facility, and will go to great lengths to maintain confidentiality so as not to jeopardize what you have worked so hard to build.  We will always work quickly and quietly while pursuing an acquisition – never calling or stepping foot on your property without approval.

To Operators

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to potentially work with you towards a successful closing, but respect the fact that you have many options when it comes to financing.  We are therefore completely comfortable with the fact that any opportunity you bring to us is just that – your opportunity – and you should therefore feel completely at will to work with whomever you believe best fits your long term strategic goals whether it is us or someone else.  We are confident we can add value to your company, but want to make sure we are moving towards a mutually beneficial relationship.